La démarche


Born in 1982, he lives and works in the south of France

During his art study, Runeda developed a taste for video edition. His first professional experience was therefore logically as a video editor. This experience has a strong influence in his photographic work ; built as a video fading effect, his work, set as a complex superposition of images and subtle transparency, exposes us from the inside out, and illustrates the complexity of layers composing our identity. Throughout the years, Runeda developed a deep poetic visual tale through elaborated installations mixing multiple media and technics; staging created with self-made sculptures, paintings, and textures resulting in a complex visual experience. Runeda likes to make the invisible visible; for him the processing is a way to read the raw material, there is no absolute truth, only feelings. He therefore creates distance between the initial photography and its original context, and thus reinforces its narrative strength towards a more baroque experience, pushing the viewer to wonder, question himself and create his own story.

Behind the scenes

Runeda shoots all conceptual work, so the images that you see here were planned before the shoot and then executed